Don’t Ponder Others

August 21, 2011 at 5:21 PM | Posted in Meditation | Leave a comment
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Well, that seems simple enough: don’t ponder others. OK, I won’t, I thought.

Then not long afterwards I was mentally arguing with a person 2000 miles away – I couldn’t seem to get him to agree with me. Then, I grew frustrated with another person not in the room over their intransigence over what is good vs. mediocre customer service. In the shower I harangued a politician for daring to run for office.

After a while I noticed how I was mentally reacting, instantaneously, when a comment of mine did not bring, immediately, an  approved-beforehand-by-me response.

As I caught myself “pondering” yet another, I thought of Pema Chödrön’s explication of this old Tibetan slogan and how I’d have so much more time, more space, I’d be so much more relaxed,  if I followed this advice to stop “pondering” (complaining about!*?!) others. Pondering, now that I am more conscious of it, is oh so ponderous.

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