Displeasing the Lady

October 18, 2010 at 7:54 AM | Posted in Dogs, Running | 9 Comments
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Not interested in the shirt

My grand dog Dolly was not pleased when she learned that there was, as part of a race I ran this morning, a “Mutt Strut.” The conversation went like this:

“Hey, Doll, I’m home!”

Raised eyebrows.

“Hey, I have a shirt for you to play with.”

“Grand dad, really. I know about the Mutt Strut — why didn’t you invite me to run?”

“I know. I just learned about it right before the race and it was too late to call you.”

“Oh, really? It didn’t say anything on the race application?”

“It did but I missed it.”

She walks out of the room.

Mutt Strut - as clear as day

Dolly Mackey is quite an athlete with at least 4 speeds: ambling, jogging, running and racing. I cannot tell how fast she can get when at full speed as I can’t keep up with her, and living as we do in claustrophobic suburbia (her words) she must always be on a leash. She says that of all runners, she most admires Steve Prefontaine as he was famous for going all out.

(As an aside, I now understand a scientific concept that has eluded me. I’ve never understood how, by splitting an atom, gigantic energy is let loose. But now, contemplating the incredible energy of 14 pound Dolly and the lethargy of most 250 pound men all is clear: the smaller the more powerful.)

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