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Seve Ballesteros is dead but oh how he lived.

Putting on the Green Jacket

I wish that Red Smith or Herbert Warren Wind were alive to write the farewell. In golf, our heroes are in place when a new comet flashes by and so it took me time to come to admire Seve. Of course, you could not help but appreciate him from the start. He was different as he was both a poet and a magician on the links. But most of all, he had fire, fire enough for himself and whole continents of golfers.

It was Seve who broke Tom Watson’s heart (and mine) at St. Andrews and it took me years to forgive him for that. Later, he took the Ryder Cup from our country-clubbed hands. He got under our skin but what we would have given to have him on our side.

Seve died young but he was great and who among us wouldn’t take that deal?

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