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In a particularly insightful and funny TED talk, Anatomy of a New Yorker cartoon, Bob Mankoff, cartoonist and cartoon editor of The New Yorker, makes the point that even the funniest cartoon, one that a majority rank as a 10, some put down as a 1.

The magazine receives 1000 cartoon submissions a week and publishes 17. The rejected cartoonists likely don’t find this stat funny.

We all want unconditional love and complete acceptance though we know it is impossible. I once listed off 9 wins at a Board Meeting and then spoke of a loss. The members were both affronted and crestfallen. They would have, I think, preferred I kept up the illusion of invulnerability.

We are human: we want the very thing we can’t have.

(Almost two years ago I featured Bob Mankoff in the following post: My wife gave me the Following card for our anniversary.)

My wife gave me the following card …

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today on our 38th anniversary. The girl has a sense of humor.

Robert Mankoff/New Yorker

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