To Save Aggravation, Don’t Do Won/Loss Reporting

August 30, 2011 at 6:55 PM | Posted in Annals of Sales | 6 Comments
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We began doing Won/Loss Reporting at Plex several months ago. Instead of doing it half-assed, we hired a superb firm, Primary Intelligence, and the amount of detail, the dashboarding, the insightful questioning is beyond anything that I had envisioned.

Of course, I am very pleased with the Win Reports — I find them poetic and ripe for re-reading. But the Losses are something else entirely. How could they not understand or how could we explain so poorly? How can one customer think we have the “broadest capability” and the next kick us out before the finals? How come this and how come that?

Sports teams now do Won/Loss on a play-by-play basis — in football they even break down practices this way. Now biz is following suit and once you know that such tools exist, how can you not deploy them?

Still, the loss reports stick with me far longer than the wins. The pain of the most recent one led to this blog. So my advice to all my competitors is: don’t do Won/Loss reporting, it’s too aggravating!

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