Lions in Winter: Yanks lose

October 25, 2010 at 7:18 AM | Posted in Baseball | 7 Comments
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A Championship Season

One can only ask so much.

 I remember not sleeping after the Yanks clinched last year’s World Series against the Phillies. I was so happy — I wanted our four stalwarts, Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Jorge Posada and Andy Petitte to win just more time. I would have made any rooting pact to have that happen.

We failed this year but it wasn’t a failure. We were one of the last four team playing and if we were to look at things objectively, which will take time, we will realize that we were old and it showed in slower bats, weaker arms, loss of control and injury. We may say someday, how did they ever play so well in 2010?

Old great teams don’t get beat by other old teams and so it was right that the Texas Rangers, who have never been to the World Series are getting to go. They played better in every way and so, play on.

Bill Bradley, the great Princetonian and Knick (and U.S. Senator) said that he played one extra year, even though he knew he was not nearly the same player as before. He said that he wanted to experience the full arc of a career, including the downside.

As a fan of the Great Four, I want the same for them, I want them to have the time to complete the cycle — and I will be there with them. I owe them that.

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