Annals of Sales: “Emptiness”

August 31, 2011 at 8:43 PM | Posted in Annals of Sales | Leave a comment

I have been thinking about “emptiness” in terms of what has happened in the past in working an opportunity. Our memories are so variable  and when we add the dimension of other people’s memories, it all becomes very fuzzy and well, questionable.

In sales we view all our events — our presentations, demos and even our phone conversations — as “red-letter” moments. So, a demo that took place six months ago is still fresh, in some idealized version, in our minds. Since that great day the prospect has had literally hundreds of  meetings. Our meeting is like a vague dream to him and then multiply that vagueness by a ten member team and you are in a thick fog.

There are things we do, like summarize activities to date. But the ethereal nature of the past, this “emptiness”, this lack of solidity of all that has come before, like movies we have some slim memory of, has not been addressed.

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