First off, Off the Blocks is not a company-sponsored blog nor does it represent the views of Plex, my employer.

That said, I am who I am and try to be the same at work as I am on these pages.


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  2. Tom,

    Good morning, I am back on line and have been enjoying your stories.

    Hope you and the family have a great 4ht of July.

    Your friend,
    George C. CRAWFORD

  3. Tom,

    I loved the fact that you got to see Barbara COOK, and I am sorry that I never got to see her in person, but just as your Uncle Anthony, I to have been a Barbara Cook fan for years. I don’t know if you are aware of the fact, but she is from Atlanta. I don’t think that she shares that with her audience any more. Have been checking in on your blogs and have been enjoying them, an indirect way of being in contact with you. Hello to the family
    Your friend,

  4. Tom,
    your BLOG for the day 2nd Nov. 2011
    I have gotten to the point where I buy vertually nothing. I am content and only need my food and martini.
    I have been away from your BLOG for awhile so I have some catching up to do.
    Take care my frined.

    • George, do you feel lonely without new things? Tom

  5. Mr mackey….give me a call or email…van

    • will do. What number. I’ll try you tomorrow.

      • 773-793-8814

  6. Better late than never….a great way to keep abreast of the world. Thanks a million, Tom! I too have fond memories of Alvin Lee, Fillmore West, Winterland,…

    • Hey Marty,

      How did you come upon my site? Perhaps from the recently untimely deaths of Mary and Finn?

      How are you?


  7. Sorry it took so long – Peter West hooked me up, thanks!

    I’m with Rootstock, having a blast – great to catch up on the important stuff.

  8. Hello Tom, I greatly enjoyed reading your stories. I worked in that same Burroughs office and remember all of the people. I am saddened to hear about Mary. I had to laugh as I to almost took a job at HP. I have lost track of all of those wonderful people I worked with back then. Anyway I just wanted to say hi.

    Ed Budriss. Ex- Territory sales rep😀

    • Hey Ed,

      I do remember you. It is a long time ago. Did you stay in the computer biz? In 1981 I got into software and just retired last August. I n 1986 we moved to the Chicago area. Two kids and 3rd grandchild on the way.

      How about you?

      Thanks for writing!


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