When FM was our iPad

May 9, 2012 at 7:26 PM | Posted in Growing up, Music | 2 Comments
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It was the sad news of the death of the great disk jockey, Pete Fornatale, that got me thinking of the days when FM radio was front and center in our lives. It  began with WOR-FM in 1966 and then  leapt to WNEW-FM in 1969 – broadcasting in New York. Imagine being a teen-ager then, at the birth of sex (at least in the form of “The Summer of Love”) and the invention of our iPad, which was FM radio!

Music was so important to us then. We saw Elvis as old-fashioned and Frank and Tony as our parent’s music, if they did listen to music at all. We were not afraid of our shadows, having mothers who, gratefully, did not chauffeur us throughout our childhood, and so we thought it nothing to take the train into the city and we were by no means against hitch-hiking in.

My great old friend Terry McMurray, who grew up two blocks from me, remembers those days well. He just sent me the flyer from a concert that was held in celebration of WOR’s anniversary in 1967 at the Village Theatre, later the Fillmore East. The tickets ranged from $2.50 to $4.50. Here is who played — and I’m not kidding:

  • The Blues Project (the group for us in those days)
  • Janis Ian
  • The Doors (yes indeed)
  • Richie Havens
  • Chambers Brothers

Terry and his brother went as did our long-gone but not forgotten friend, Pete Mularchuk. I didn’t go and I am wracking my brain as to why. It was not because I was too busy.


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  1. I was just listening to Neil Young from a 1970 show at the Fillmore and couldn’t help but notice on the same bill Miles Davis! Maybe 40 years from now we’ll look at bills today and have the same impression. Not likely

    • I saw Miles at the Fillmore. He didn’t even look at the audience. I was turned off and I wasn’t the only one. I do love his early albums, like “Sketches of Spain.” Saw Neil Young with Crazy Horse and he and they were great. He is still great.

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