‘I’m coming back. Write it down in BIG LETTERS.’

May 5, 2012 at 11:14 AM | Posted in Baseball, Great People | 1 Comment
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It was said of Jack Nicklaus that he was even greater in defeat than in victory. So too now do we see an even more transcendent greatest in Mariano Rivera, a day after what some thought to be the end.

On the night he fell and his ACL torn, he cried not for the pain but because he felt that he had let his team mates down. The Captain, Derek Jeter, thought differently and predicted that his old friend would be back before the year was out. That is unlikely but that is the thinking that leads to going 4-5 and not multiplying the doom. What team will ever see the like of this pair?

“A day later, Rivera was full of cheer, laughing as he spoke with Derek Jeter and toying with reporters as he declared he would never let such an injury end his career.”

So for Mariano, so for us.

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  1. Saw him close the game on Monday. Robertson had come in and pitched a very good tight inning so, in my ignorance, I couldn’t see why they would replace him. But when Rivera came in the place went crazy. And he did a good job in a tight game. Bad luck but he has the right attitude.

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