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April 9, 2012 at 5:42 PM | Posted in Golf | 3 Comments
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This last was a great Masters and as I approached it with a non-dualistic mind-set (putting aside fanatical rooting and aggrieved hatreds), I enjoyed it immensely. But more  than just pleasure, the event provided a field for illumination.

In the last round the swashbuckling Mickelson tripled a Par 3; Peter Hanson, a Swede who did not look like one but an owner of a great swing, sh__nked a ball off the 12th tee and Louis Oosthuizen, the straightest of the straight, after Bubba had gone side-ways, followed suit opening the door unaccountably for the sensitive Georgian.

Seeing all this I began laughing at myself and haven’t quite stopped: I was remembering how I used to agonize over the merest double-bogey, at my failure to win matches within my grasp, for once sh__king the ball into the Pacific at Pebble.

What is preventing me from such foolishness now? Self-knowledge? No, an injury has kept me off the grass or else I’d be falling through that old trap-door!



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  1. It was a weird Masters, unpredictable to the end. But to see Hanson do the thing that should not be named must have sent shivers up any golfer’s spine. Great to see the other Watson win – not someone out of the usual mould, but with the ability to visualise and hit some extraordinary shots.

    • No swing coach, no mind coach … but at least his wife is a blond in keeping with golf pro cookie cutter tradition!

      • That’s true. Always fun to see the Ryder Cup Stepford line-up.

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