Wrecking Ball by Springsteen

April 1, 2012 at 2:01 PM | Posted in Music | 2 Comments
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with 2 bonus tracks

You don’t have to spend a lifetime listening to know that Bach, Mozart and Beethoven have a distinctive and easily recognizable sound. My guess that this was a problem for them as they built their careers.

‘Wolfgang, yet another Piano Concerto?’

‘My dear Beethoven, wouldn’t 31 Piano Sonatas have sufficed?’

The problem is that the work of even the greatest geniuses can sound undifferentiated in the face of a huge output. The problem, though, is not with the artist but with us, unless we come with an open and uncomparing mind and fresh ears.

I make this point to prepare you for Springsteen’s great new album, Wrecking Ball.


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  1. One recalls the observation that Antonio Vivaldi wrote 230 violin concertos—or one concerto 230 times.

    • As a non-vivaldian, I’m tempted to agree but then there goes the point of my blog!

      Not long ago, I read “Getting Off” and I continue to admire the fluidity of your writing. I remain partial to your Scudder novels!

      Thanks for reading my blog and commenting.

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