Pete Seeger: The Power of Song

March 24, 2012 at 9:46 AM | Posted in Folk Music, Great People, Movies, Music | 2 Comments

If I had to beg you on bended knee to watch the documentary Pete Seeger: The Power of Song, I would do it.

All adults should watch it, though we will have feelings both of wonderment and guilt.

All teenagers should certainly watch it before they are hardened into cynicism.

Children too should watch it so the spirit of Pete Seeger will reside in their soul for a long time.

There is a short segment in the film where Seeger is interviewed after testifying before the infamous House Un-American Activities Committee. He refused to “take the fifth” but also wouldn’t discuss his views because his views were his just as the committee men’s views were theirs and not up for evaluation. His posture and composure under the barrage is heroic. He was found Guilty but this judgement was overturned. When it comes to rights, we generally come to our senses.

This and for a thousand reasons is why Pete Seeger is one of the greatest of all Americans and why this movie must be seen.


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  1. I watched this weekend and it was absolutely fantastic. I truly admire his conviction and his standing up for his beliefs in the face of tremendous adversity. And of course through it all not once ever losing his composure. A great American for sure.

    • I am so glad you saw that movie … amazing that he was once considered “un-American”! Thanks for telling me.

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