What I Will Remember Most …

March 13, 2012 at 8:12 PM | Posted in Annals of Sales, The biz life | 9 Comments
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I know that, in some sense, I should be positioning myself, leveraging myself, marketing myself through my blog for some next mythical “opportunity.” I hope not to need something but if I did, could I say in the interview, ‘what I enjoy most are the meals with my colleagues and some chosen customers?’

As I think back to those first meals at the Cinque Terre in Queens Village with Burroughs and then the gourmet’s club in NYC in the late seventies when I was at ITT to the  long party that was ASK, to HAHT Raleigh and then Olio e Limone in Santa Barbara, Sao Paulo and with my never to be forgotten friends at QAD Mexico to now, to tonight with my wonderful compatriots at Plex — I say I’d do it all over again if we can do the dinners.

The dinners with friends are everything to me.


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  1. You know Tom, when I look back at all the business travel I did over the years, I now have virtually no relloction of the business aspects of those trips. But, I retain vivid memories of the great dinners I had with my colleagues during those trips. One of my most memorable onces was a trip to Paris. My host met us at a restaurant not too far from the Parisian model of the Statue of Liberty. Our host ordered everything. I had Pigs Snout (among other things). But what I really recalled was my host Turning down 2 bottles of wine before he was satisfied with the wine. I never somone ever turn down 2 bottles. Those are the things I recall…the business part…ah…long forgotten.

  2. Did you work for Burroughs? My first job out of college was with Burroughs at WHQ in Detroit.

    Mike Smith

    • Yes, I worked for Burroughs from ’74 to ’79 in the Queens and then Westchester Branch in NY.

  3. Such a great post! Thanks, Tom. I remember a few such dinners with you.

    • Me too. Great memories.

      • Yes, and we are not done. How is NY trip shaping up?

    • One of my favorites was at La Boheme around Pebble …

      • Getting there slowly, working through your tips.

  4. Trotters, Aruns, Char in Mississippi for Habitat……all great

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