Dr. Tina Strobos Dies at 91; Harbored Jews in Her Attic

March 4, 2012 at 9:43 AM | Posted in Great People | 1 Comment
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I have long pushed the NY Times Obituary section on anyone who will listen. Not even the retired have enough time to read about all the people who made a mark, who did one great or one curious thing, to read about people we thought long dead only to find that they managed to continue to live without us thinking of them.

Strobos on left, former fiance and mother on right

I had a vague memory of Dr. Tina Strobos when I saw her obit the other day by Joseph Berger. She was a person, so heroic, tenacious, steadfast that we know we can’t begin to measure up. But we are of the same race as her, and can spread her name around town. In this story of heroics there is a touch, just a touch of being a little like us:

“Dr. Strobos was so successful in concealing Jews that a note of exasperation sometimes crept into her voice when she talked about the more famous Anne Frank hideout at 263 Prinsengracht, where the Fran family was ultimately betrayed and send to concentration camps. Whey, she wondered, did the Franks or their protectors not arranged for an escape route in case the Gestapo barged in?”

Visiting the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam remains for me a very powerful experience and reading of Dr. Strobos, if anything, makes it more so.

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  1. An inspiring story, especially as she was able to survive and enjoy a long and full life. One wonders how many other brave people in occupied Europe and Germany were caught and killed and went unremembered, represented only by those like Tina Strobos.

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