Strokesaver: From the Corner Office

February 27, 2012 at 7:42 PM | Posted in Annals of Management | 2 Comments
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As a Strokesaver, I sent my team this Corner Office interview by Adam Bryant for two reasons:

  1. I really like what Ms. Credle, chief creative officer for advertising agency Leo Burnett, has to say about idea sharing and making sure the crazies are heard.
  2. My daughter just spent several days with her in Oklahoma City, filming a commercial with Kevin Durant, the NBA star, for Sprint. I wanted to know from Vanessa what the creative honcho was like? Was the interview true or just nice words for publicity purposes?

According to Vanessa it was true and that while she is certainly demanding, she helps young people and she lights up the room. Check her out.


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  1. Thanks for passing this along, Tom. Credle is certainly cultivating a positive work culture, derived from her own personal wisdom. How wonderful for your daughter to work in such an environment. Here’s something I know to be true, but have to be reminded of it often: Positivity at work (and in life) enables one to bring their skills, grace, & enthusiasm to opportunity.

    • I agree. Negativity just tightens us up. It is so obvious but rarely noted! Thanks for writing!

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