Saying Hello to Jim Shepherd

February 21, 2012 at 6:44 PM | Posted in Business, Connections | 2 Comments
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This is the Strokesaver note I sent to my Team on Monday:

Today is Jim Shepherd’s first day at Plex and it is an important one for him but more so for us. It is yet one more opportunity to show what type of Team we are.

In one sense our job is to teach and to learn but today and in these early days what is most important is to be really friendly and welcoming. This is the ground that allows us to teach Jim about Plex and for us to learn from his long and excellent experience.

When will he be here long enough for us to learn from him? Five minutes.

Jim or “Shep” and I worked together for 11 years. When I first met him he had been with ASK a year or so before I started and he came there from being a very young VP of Manufacturing and had implemented ASK’s ManMan system.

At ASK Jim did many things, including being an SE and demoing software (very effectively), Sales Management and Strategy Roles similar to what he will be doing with us.

What I remember most clearly is that I didn’t have to “break-in” with Jim or prove myself to get his attention. We were on the same Team from the beginning.


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  1. A great reunion. Say hi to Shep from me.

    • Will do. He is a great addition and really wanted to join us.

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