Pre Super Bowl Thoughts

February 5, 2012 at 5:31 PM | Posted in Football | 5 Comments
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The Buddhists say that before Enlightenment, chop wood; after Enlightenment, chop wood.  They say nothing, that I know of, about before Super Bowl behavior.

For Giant Fans, this is our 5th Super Bowl in 25 years and even we must admit that we’ve had our fair share. But for  the first time our family is not together for the game but we will be in full communication.

For the first Super Bowl against a good Denver team with John Elway, my son and I had my daughter fold laundry throughout the game as that had proved lucky the game before. To honor that very effective move, I will take on the task myself tonight.

Brendan, Jack and Luke

I have one opening question for my unenlightened self: will I get through a set of downs before turning off the sound?


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  1. Why aren’t the Giants rushing Brady !!!!!!!!!!
    They must do this in the 2nd half !!!!

    • I said the same thing … what a great victory!

      • Its like I was watching 2008 all over again !
        Great ending ! Albeit I actually thought for a second
        that Brady’s Hail Mary pass at the end might have

      • I was gloomy throughout. True fans expect the worst because they have seen the worst!

  2. Today, Luke became a Mackey!

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