Hats off to you, Missy Franklin

January 11, 2012 at 8:04 PM | Posted in Swimming | 2 Comments
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Missy Franklin is 16 years old and one of the greatest swimmers in the world and currently number one in the 200-meter freestroke and the 200-meter backstroke.

It so happens that there is money to be made in swimming. Michael Phelps makes 5 mill a year and Missy, though no Phelps yet, could make hundreds of thousands of dollars — if she would declare herself a professional. And there lies the problem and why I’ve become such a big fan of hers. If she were to take the money – indeed, she has already turned down winnings – she could not swim for a college team.

As a nice feature in today’s Wall Street Journal by Scott Cassiola relates, she loves the spirit and comraderie of her high school team and she does not want to miss that experience in college. I just love this attitude. There will always be money and we know that it comes and goes. The world is not short of money but we have never had enough spirit.

I’ll be rooting my head off for her in London.


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  1. Sounds like Little Miss Missy is stuck in the middle (and in a semantic loophole) between two of our most beloved corrupt organizations: the NCAA and the IOC.

    • Perhaps because for me playing on college team was so far out of reach, it holds a great allure. I’d rather swimm for the Stanford or IU swim teams than have the money. Not a doubt about that.

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