A Young Englishman Comes to Town

November 28, 2011 at 5:18 PM | Posted in Family Life | 3 Comments
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Harry and Vanessa in trotting garb

There are homes in which guests are always traipsing in and out but ours is not one of them. Even when I was young I knew that there were certain houses that friends hung out at but ours, stuffed to the gills with family members to begin with to say nothing of certain tensions, was not one of them.

It is not that we don’t have guests, particularly family members – we do – but it is not a regular thing for us.

So this Thanksgiving was special because young Harry Page, late of England and doing a stint at Plex as our first ever Sales Intern, was to spend a few days over the holiday with us. This would be his first Thanksgiving Dinner and that is noteworthy in any man’s life, particularly when made by the faultless chef, Ingrid Mackey. He is but 21 and my Grandmother was long dead by the time he was born but he somehow seems to understand one of her central precepts: never visit anyone empty-handed. He came with a particularly good Rochioli Pinot Noir and a new book by a favorite author, Jonathan Rabin (a Brit living in Seattle!).

Harry and Dolls

Harry was delightful and joined us in our traditional 5K Turkey Trot and gave proper (as he would say) worship to Dolly (“Dolls”), our diva in residence. Harry talked and for that I give him particular credit as it seems to me to take a particular courage — one I never had myself at that age (or some would say at any other age.)

So, with one last turkey sandwich we sent him off on his way, a fuller man and wiser in our ways.


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  1. That young man is my god son. Very brave of him to buy a book for you!

    • Yes, I am aware of your Godfather status … perhaps he will come to you on the wedding of your daughter!

      he is smart enough to ask advice on books!!

      • Oh you guessed.

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