The Siren Call of the Clover

November 22, 2011 at 7:18 PM | Posted in Coffee | 2 Comments
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The “Clover” was new to me a ways back when I read that Starbucks had bought the company of Stanford engineers who designed it. I wanted to try it as it had for me an irresistible aura and pull. But then I forgot about it until just the other day as  I walked into a Starbucks in Dublin, California (near Pleasanton).

The barista described it to me as a kind of reverse or upside-down French Press and as I am open to changes of position, I ordered it. That it was more expensive was good as I am sometimes pleased by higher prices as they often, if not always, offer delight. I am willing to risk 75 cents for a potential thrill.

The verdict? Ah, the coffee was much better than Starbucks’ usual – much better. Was it better than Peets? No, but I am willing to test it further (I did have it two days in a row).

Was it as good as my home concoction (with good beans and my Japanese kettle and ceramic funnel)? No, not close. But one can’t always be home. One is often like Ulysses and the Siren call of the Clover is something, if not everything.


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  1. You were in Pleasanton where I work every day and you didn’t call? Oh, Tom.

    • I did not know/remember that you worked there but I couldn’t have anyway as I was wall to wall for two days. Had a prosaic dinner in Pleasanton but a much better on in Danville — a lot of in shape runner out at 7:30 PM with searchlights on their heads.

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