Sales Meetings: Why I hold so few

October 17, 2011 at 7:28 PM | Posted in Annals of Sales, Business | 3 Comments

There are, perhaps, a hundred types of sales meeting but for now, I’ll characterize them into four categories:

  • Good ones of which there are none unless you categorize Training sessions as meetings.
  • Deal reviews: if with multiple reps, a complete waste of time.
  • Updates: obviously  worthless
  • Meetings to complain about other departments, particularly Marketing.

This is why I hold so few meetings. Sometimes I need a meeting from the above to remind myself why I hold so few meetings.


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  1. I suppose the same could be said about any company department holding meetings within its own silo. I suppose such activity is largely a waste of time and encourages groupthink. More helpful, I think, is interdepartmental meetings. What context can Sales lend to product development groups? Can Sales benefit from knowing what is afoot or lately accomplished in product development? A meeting to complain about Marketing? Probably better to meet with Marketing and give them the complaints, and then listen to their point of view and their reality….

  2. People – gasp – complain about marketing?!?

    • I definitely was not referring to our Marketing which I think is excellent … but reps always moan, no matter what.

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