Pandora Drops “Different Drum” On Me

October 14, 2011 at 7:31 PM | Posted in Growing up, iPad, Music | 5 Comments
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While I am one of the few, apparently, who cannot say that Steve Jobs changed my life ( I wish he had), I can say that I like Pandora on my iPad. It has a good speaker.

My wife was away for the night with her girl friends and I had the bright idea to choose the  Linda Ronstadt “channel” on Pandora and from the first note I was hooked and moving backwards in my life. Of all female singers I may have played her more than any other — even more than Judy Collins, who I have adored from the first.

In the years between getting married and having children, in the mid-seventies,  I had a ritual on Friday’s. Being in Sales and following Union Work Rules I took off early. My wife Ingrid worked in a bank then and would come home at 6 PM. By that time I’d had a six-pack listening, some times with tears in my eyes to Dylan, Tom Rush, Jackson Browne and Linda Ronstadt. I was young then but I dealt with things as if I was old and at the end of the line.

I was feeling all this when Pandora played Different Drum by Linda Ronstadt and The Stone Poneys. Once, in 1968 at a meeting of the Senior Prom Committee of Chaminade H.S., I put a dime in the Juke Box at the Colonial Tavern in Mineola, NY and played that song. I have forgotten so much, but I haven’t forgotten that.


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  1. I’d never heard of Pandora but it sounds a great idea though, predictably, not available over here. I love Linda Ronstadt’s voice and, especially ‘Different Drum’ though not that version. She does some nice versions of Jimmy Webb songs like ‘Adios’.

    Saw Dylan this week – incredibly noisy,voice practically inaudible, but with an outstanding presence. Great up-tempo version of ‘Visions of Johanna’.

    • Isn’t the Internet available everywhere?

      Need more Dylan concert details! Venue, sound, best songs …

      • Yes but there are all sorts of crappy copyright rules which get in the way of us seeing SNL for example, or even clips of The Daily Show off Huffington Post.
        Dylan was with Mark Knopfler at Nottingham Arena. Poor venue, flat seating at floor level so bad view of stage. Set list here but imho Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat, Just Like Tom THumb’s Blues, and Highway 61 plus VOJ were standouts. Most of the rest was dictated by heavy instrumentals so, even if I knew the song, I couldn’t follow it.

      • I heard from Mr. West that they were together. Did Knopfler sing any solo?

  2. Yes, I’m glad to say they did separate sets. Knopfler mostly did his solo stuff, just a couple of DS tracks including Brothers in Arms. Quite a lot of vocal but heavily balanced in favour of the instruments – quite a celtic flavour to his support, fiddle, pipes etc.

    Dylan only addressed the audience once – to name his instrumentalists – otherwise it was song/blackout/song/blackout….no attempt at rapport, no encore, but everyone was still going crazy for him. Charisma.

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