Neptune Winks

October 11, 2011 at 7:59 PM | Posted in Swimming | Leave a comment
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the sun on the water at Egypt Beach in East Hampton

I was in Long Island this weekend and the weather was so beautiful and warm, my wife and I went to the beach. We sat and while she read, I gazed out at the water. Soon a tall slender, perhaps slightly under middle-aged woman waded in and the man with her took pictures of her. All of a sudden she was swimming in the unbelievably calm waters. She had a beautiful stroke and her heels just broke the surface of the water. Then she back-stroked and called out that the water was warm.

I had never seen the Atlantic look so flat and inviting. I went back to the car where I had my bathing suit and ran into the water and began swimming. Though I swim all the time — and had swum that morning — I am daunted by ocean swimming. But, somehow, the woman had showed me how easy it was.

Then as I turned to swim the other way I looked to the beach and I (couldn’t help but) noticed that the woman, the swimmer, was sitting topless having a glass of wine with her friend.

I thought that this was true karma — I had got off my chair and hopped into the cold water of October, and was justly rewarded.

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