My Coffee Flaw Exposed

October 3, 2011 at 8:05 PM | Posted in Coffee | 2 Comments
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I jumped to read “The Single Best Way to Make Coffee” in this Sunday’s New York Times Magazine. In the instant between seeing the article and beginning to read I had two thoughts: I hoped that my method was the method and that there was a subtle wrinkle that I could add to my ritual.

The karma of coffee (even for  devotees of Peets), however, laughs at pride and serves notice that there is always just one more thing to do, often expensive. In the case of this article, the author Oliver Strand pins everything on a burr grinder. All else, even my Japanese kettle, is meaningless in the face of its hegemony.

I’ve known of this flaw in my armaments, my déclassé blade grinder unused for years. I’ve rationalized. Now, in ink, in a “liberal” newspaper that doesn’t think me shallow or un-American for believing that my “coffee values” match others, so-called, family values, I am called out.


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  1. Since you’re such a coffee-maestro be sure to check out the current special on CNBC about America’s coffee addiction – I watched it on my flight home the other day it it was quite interesting. The lengths people go to get coffee…

    • Thanks Anthony … It is an addiction – but a holy one!

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