Self-Importance is a Prison

September 24, 2011 at 3:57 PM | Posted in Meditation | 4 Comments
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I began reading Pema Chödrön early last May and I’ve been in regular attendance  to her thoughts, generally a few pages every morning, just after coffee. This morning reading from Comfortable with Uncertainty, I stopped at this:

Self-importance is like a prison for us, limiting us to our world of likes and dislikes. We end up bored to death with ourselves and our world. We end up very dissatisfied.


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  1. Chodron’s books are chock-full of great quotes and excellent observations. Have enjoyed many over the years. Thanks for this one. – dn

  2. Great post.

    • Could not agree more … everything else pales in comparison.

  3. This reminds me greatly of the thoughts by Aristotle (the philospher, not the oil magnet) in Ethics on ethical incontence. There are many devices would trap us and in so doing both devalue our contribution to x , but more importantly degrade our ability to enjoy what we have and find pleasure in the gifts we have received, both tangible and ephemerial.

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