Revisiting Tübingen

August 14, 2011 at 1:47 PM | Posted in Annals of Travel | 2 Comments

Right after my wife Ingrid and I got married in that long ago year 1973 and after several weeks in Mannheim, we decamped to the Medieval
University town of Tübingen where Ingrid was signed up to study.

On my recent trip to Germany and having the measure afforded by a canceled appointment, my colleague and I drove into Tübingen for lunch. I
did not recognize one thing though after a while I succeeded in making believe
that I remembered the Rathaus and the fountain of Neptune that only just
dominates the central platz in town.

There are cobblestoned, crooked winding streets in Tübingen but these are featured in most old German towns. If anything, Tübingen seemed a
little less nice, a little less pristine than other towns and it shares a very slight seediness with other college towns. I don’t recall any of this not necessarily because my memory is bad but that I never noticed anything to begin with. I was particularly incurious back then, my mind completely on Dinkelaker Beer and the now nowhere to be found Konditoreis.


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  1. That’s interesting.

    I had a similar experience when going back to where I lived in North Carolina a couple of years ago. While things looked the same, and we saw some of the same people, it didn’t feel like home anymore. Something was different. Perhaps I had dettached, perhaps something in the air had changed.

    After moving away, we visited North Carolina several times. Each time it got less and less recognizable. On the last trip we took we realized that the only thing we were really doing was going back for the food. Which is still a decent reason to visit a place, but if you think you’re going back home and all you’re really doing is just thinking about when the next meal is going to be, then something is a little off.

    • Somebody once said that love of country is really love of the food of out country. Now, if that was really true then I would be French or 100% Italian but it is a good point. Landmarks leave me cold but a nice slice of pizza!

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