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July 19, 2011 at 9:18 PM | Posted in Business, Economics | 2 Comments

Yesterday I mentioned that I planned to give two short presentations at my Sales Meeting today. The first one, which kicked off the meeting was on a topic I blogged about: my visit to Sofia Wine Bar in New York City. The second, at the end, was on certain economic trends ( employment down, consumer spending down, heath costs up, profits up) and its unlikely but true, positive impact on Plex. This second topic I have not, as yet, blogged on.

I was interested to see which presentation went better: the one that I’d blogged on or the one I hadn’t.

Clearly, the one I’d blogged on was better because my thoughts were clearer which gave me more confidence going in. This makes sense because, as we know, the fundamental reason for bad writing is bad thinking. Secondly, good writing is really re-writing — and going blog to presentation is a form of re-writing.

But nothing is always and so this one test is just that. OK?


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  1. Interesting test and analysis. Would the 2nd topic had made a difference in the experiment? What if you reversed the order of the presentations…. Just my science background making an appearance

    • Yes, all those are untested variables. Frankly, I don’t think either presentation connected as well with the audience as they did with me. It could also be that giving 2 presentations is asking too much of the audience.

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