British Open … I can’t resist

July 14, 2011 at 6:53 PM | Posted in Golf | 6 Comments
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Golf is a funny and amazing game. Rory Mcllroy, 22 years old, winner of the last U.S. Open, greater than Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods, likely winner of every other major he plays – shot one stroke better than 61 year-old Tom Watson today.

I’m not saying that Rory is not a good golfer, or that he isn’t now better than Watson, or that he won’t win this tournament.

I’m just saying ….


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  1. If he shot one better than Watson in thne first round of a major he’s right up there! Speaking of all-time great gentlemen did you know that when McIlroy first came to play in the US Nicklaus spotted him in a mall car-park with his dad, introduced himself, and has taken McIlroy to lunch on several occasions. After the Masters he spent some time with him pointing out his experience in having come second in 19 majors!

    • I did know that Jack was talking to young Rory. What has happened to American golf?!

  2. What goes around comes around. You had a good run from Ouimet to Woods!

  3. How about Watson’s hole in one today! His swing looks the same as it did when he was dominating in the 80’s. What a treat to watch him compete in this event.

    • As Hemingway wrote: ‘we fell gradually and then all of a sudden.’

    • He got the worst of the weather today. He played well.

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