Are You Italian?

July 13, 2011 at 7:18 AM | Posted in Food, New York City | 2 Comments
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“I must ask you a question, are you Italian?”

I spoke as a victim, earlier in the day,  of the worst slice of pizza ever served in New York City, served by people in no way connected to the great art. We had just sat down at Sofia Wine Bar, advertised as Italian, that I had found at Yelp.

Morally uplifting

“Yes, I was born in Italy and all the people who work here and the owners and the Grandfather only speaks Italian.” All my insecurities drained away as Stefano, our great waiter, spoke of their “recipes.” We looked at the wine list and asked his advice: he brought two bottles to our table so we could make a proper decision. Our whole meal went like that.

The homemade mozzarella was wonderful as was the bresaola. But it was the meatballs that sent me back to my childhood and the light, transcendent wonders that my Grandmother made every Sunday, my Grandmother Antoinette, who was born in Potenza, Italy.


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  1. Looks good.

  2. […] my Sales Meeting today. The first one, which kicked off the meeting was on a topic I blogged about: my visit to Sofia Wine Bar in New York City. The second, at the end, was on certain economic trends ( employment down, consumer spending down, […]

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