Further thoughts on the Hammering of Derek Jeter

July 9, 2011 at 9:49 AM | Posted in Baseball, Great People | 4 Comments
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Imagine how great it would have been then, and for all time if Mickey Mantle had taken care of himself the way Derek Jeter has.

How many young boys never got to see Joe DiMaggio due to his abrupt retirement?

Don’t all Yankee fans wish Don Mattingly had played a few more years, even if not full-time?

What Knick fan does not regret that the great Walt “Clyde” Frazier did not finish his career in New York?

Don’t we admire the picture of old Y.A. Tittle on his haunches, his face bloodied, exhausted but not diminished in defeat?

Should Tom Watson not have teed off at the British Open at Turnberry at the age of 59?

Why is it that when others win Gold Gloves they are lauded but when Jeter wins, they are discounted?

I wonder what Babe Ruth’s “range” was in Right Field?

Are there people out there who secretly wish that Jeter had taken steroids so their cynicism can be fed?

It has been my great privilege to root for Derek Jeter, the great Yankee Captain, from the moment he took the field and I will continue till he walks back to the dugout for the last time.


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  1. I am at the game now and will be tomorrow cheering him on to 3000th.

    • You lucky dog … one to go. Today’s the day!!
      Brendan and I were at the Yank/Met game last Saturday … Citi Field is excellent.

  2. Quite a flair for the dramatic. Ties his milestone with a home run, and blows past his goal going 5 for 5.

    Life holds diverse experiences for one and all, ranging from wondrous to grievous. But for me, there is nothing; and there will be nothing; quite like rooting for Derek Jeter.

    • I agree and perhaps it’s because we were too young to follow Mantle’s full career and acturally missed some of the great years like ’56 when he won the triple crown. With Derek we’ve been with him from the first at-bat.

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