Down(loading) the Slippery Slope

May 5, 2011 at 7:01 AM | Posted in iPad, Music, Technology | 4 Comments

It began with getting an iPad2 without any idea of what I would use it for. And so it continues:

  • I discover that the iPad has a very good in-built speaker (far better than my prosaic Dull).
  • I download a free song from a Starbucks card.
  • I download another.
  • I just check to see what other music is available.
  • I see the complete Beethoven Symphonies for $5.99. I do a double-take.
  • The London Symphony Orchestra, hmm.
  • Instant justification: I’m on the road so often.
  • Touch. Bought. Download.

Another tributary of money-out has begun its long run.


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  1. Very funny post Tom! With devices as addictive as the iPad the flow of money out knows no time of day.

    • Hey Anthony, thanks for reading and commenting. it is an addictive bugger!

  2. You will love the iPad and laugh at the irony of debating if you should pay 3.99 for an App aka Software.

    • It is ironic but why won’t these Ap vendors partner with me?

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