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St. Pat's from the back

I am famous, in the small circle in which I travel, for not noticing things. But just the other day I had a breakthrough – only to fall back to earth.

I was in New York City for a meeting and had the good fortune (in these days of saving pennies) to stay at a hotel befitting my inflated view of myself, the Palace at Madison and 50th. As I checked in, the fellow at the desk told me that I had a great room on the 37th floor. I was happy to hear it but still expected a closet. He was right and I was wrong and after staying in so many dismal Courtyard Marriott’s, I was delighted. It was this boost that led me to look out the window. Now that’s a view! I was looking out on St. Patrick’ Cathedral from the back and as I kept looking I saw a narrow rectangle of the Hudson River in the distance. I was very pleased with myself.

in a lifting fog

The next day was our meeting and as we waited in the lobby, one of my colleagues commented on the view. I was standing in front of the most magnificent view of NYC that I’d ever seen: Central Park, the grid of streets and avenues and bridges hung like works of art. If I was by myself without an alert colleague, I would have missed it as I’ve missed so many things.

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