Without a minute to yourself

April 12, 2011 at 6:35 AM | Posted in Business, The biz life | 2 Comments

My empathy for people who don’t have a minute  to themselves came after I was back from Germany and the Hanover Messe; while I was one of them, I thought only of myself, shedding invisible tears.

On Messe (Fair) days we met at 6:30 AM for a quick breakfast and were wheels up by 6:45. The trip took 2 hours — don’t ask. Once finally in the parking lot we hustled to get to booth and the fatal “booth duty.” The day lasted fully till 6 PM and no matter what strategy we used for dinner, we returned to our rooms between 11 and 11:30 PM. Then, five-minutes later, it was 6:30 again.

The coffee I drank was good but it came at the booth, at 9 AM while people swirled. Where was my coffee first thing in the morning, at peace, cocooned from teeming humanity? Where was exercise? Where the most basic of yoga poses?

My teammates had it as bad as I did, and likely, thousands of others who worked the show. But they are different from me, they didn’t make a pact that they would work seemingly forever – even flying coach to Europe while beginners sat up front – in return for a good cup of coffee solo, before taking the field.


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  1. Tom,

    You blog is great. It helps to know the writer and I picture what your thinking about when you write the words. The Burroughs days in Minnesota were so similar to NY, I laughed my ass off about the story where you took the print ball off the L5 to get a check.

    Keep up the blog as I am now reading it with my morning coffee and it gets me fired up for the days battle or gives me some Mackey logic to think about

    Glad to hear your picking up Golf again maybe I have a deal I am working in Downers Grove so lets grab lunch or a round of golf sometime in the next month or so.


    • Smo,

      I am delighted that you are reading the bog — I do appreciate it. Perhaps one day I’ll write about those famous basketball games we had — with your stellar defense. You had a great HS coach as I remember. True?

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