Motivation by way of GoSwim

March 30, 2011 at 4:43 AM | Posted in Personal Development, Swimming | 1 Comment
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I am a devotee of GoSwim. Glenn Mills, a 1980 Olympian in the Breast Stroke, video producer and swim coach is the master of ceremonies.  He is a generous Tweeter, posting great videos throughout the week. Of course, this is partly to publicise his company’s products but it is more than that; I feel a super-positive vibe from both his videos and his writings. His Olympics was the boycott year but I don’t hear a woe-is-me in his voice.

In the past, every four years I’d fall in awe of the US Olympic Swim Team. Now that I swim almost daily I try to follow them in between. It is true that you have to try to do something yourself  to appreciate the difficulty of an endeavor be it swimming, running, selling, developing software or closing the books at month end. But then there is a level beyond that the greats play at and to see them as they train is, for me, more exciting than the performance itself.

In his recent blog post , Are You the One?, Glenn includes three videos of a portion of the workouts of three all time great Olympians, Ryan Lochte, Michael Phelps and Amanda Beard. If you decide to watch only one, I suggest the first with Lochte.

Impressed? Excited? Make you adjust your own workouts?

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  1. I loved that you cited “selling, developing software or closing the books at month end”. It’s easier to be romantic about your life if there is some glorious quest like the Olympics, but so much more difficult to find that passion in what we all consider everyday activities. It’s always been a goal to turn that regular life into that quest so that we can be the absolute best at whatever it is we do. I learned this from my Father, an insurance salesman, and my Mother, a music teacher. There can be passion in anything, and passion isn’t always consistent… it comes and goes… and that’s where some stubborn, I want it back, attitude certainly helps.

    Thanks for posting. It’s very much appreciated.

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