Coffee by Hand V.59

March 9, 2011 at 7:32 AM | Posted in Coffee | 3 Comments
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Never for a moment did I think my kettle was flawed. It worked perfectly and never let me down. There was no hint of rust or loose handle to set my eye wandering. But in January a harmless article caught my eye about coffee making. Before I got to the end, my now “old” kettle was done-for.

The Japanese, having mastered tea, have moved onto coffee and done one thing after the other, according to the author, to make it great. He spoke of a cloth filter but I am waiting for retirement to take on that part-time job. But their kettle!

While I did announce to my wife that I wanted no presents for my birthday, I had a second thought.

My Buono (sic) kettle is made in Japan by Hario. Its neck reminds me of Audrey Hepburn. Gaze on its elegance!

Is the coffee better? To begin with, the grinds welcome the Buono’s slender pour and then they relax. It sounds ridiculous but it’s true. As my new kettle is a swan and not a duck, of course the coffee tastes better!


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  1. The kettle really is pleasant looking and has a nice strong stream. One thing I miss is the whistle…the rattles of the lid is just not the same.

  2. From Vanessa’s comment it sounds as though, unlike most Americans and nearly all catering establishments, your family actually knows how to boil water! Boiling water is essential for tea of course, but my wife believes that, for coffee, it needs to be just short of boiling. I’m not sure. I must say that your kettle looks handsome but isn’t judging the right moment problematic?

    • well, my instructions tell me to wait for 20 seconds once the flame is turned off — and that’s what I do. There are 3 small holes a the top that steam escapes from.

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