First Indoor Try of the Year

January 31, 2011 at 4:45 AM | Posted in Indoor Triathlons, Sports | 4 Comments

A 10 minute swim is not short.

Sunday was my first sports event of the year, an Indoor Triathlon in Wheaton, Il. This is my 7th year doing them and they are interesting in that the whole event takes only an hour and is technically easy. By that I mean that the Swim, daunting for many, can be walked. The Bike is done on a stationary bike and the run in on a short track and can be walked as well.

Here are the timing for the events:

  1. Swim  10 minutes (followed by a 10 minute break)
  2. Bike    20 minutes (followed by a 5 minute break)
  3. Run    15 minutes (followed by a massage, if you wish)

The insidious score board!

The scoring is simple: how much distance did you cover? It is easy to tell that the bike is the most important event, given the allotted time and the speed of the bike. The swimming is the least important. I don’t do particularly well against the competition because the Bike is my weakest event. I just give a nod to training for it and try as hard as I can for those 20 minutes.

So, the event does not take skill to complete but I am at the edge of throwing up each time I finish. If you try your best and seek “Personal Bests”, it is draining. The easiest is the hardest, too. When you are swimming you really don’t know how the field is doing. While you’re running, you can tell but nobody is calling out the leaders. In the Bike event, every time a biker in your “wave” or group hits a mile mark, your marker shouts it out and they move up your number on a board.

Surviving the last leg.

This time I had two humbling moments on the bike. After pedaling for a minute the distance on the console had barely moved. I asked my marker if the bike was broken. He laughed and said no. Then, a little later, I noted that I wasn’t the slowest – bike #10 hadn’t reached the mile marker I had just passed. I looked over and saw that Bike #10 was empty. I was pedaling dead last.

Two more Indoors left in the season and I am truly excited and looking forward to them. I have room to improve, Personal Bests in sight for this season at least and that is what I live for.

I had a Thai massage afterwards (free!)


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  1. At the risk of stating the obvious, anyone who is sufficiently motivated to drive out to Wheaton, on a Sunday, in the snow, is already a winner. Your actual participation is immaterial.

    Alice’s grandmother, now departed, lived in Wheaton, so I visited a few times. I suggest giving the Chinese restaurant a wide berth.

    • Ah, Wheaton … when I first moved out to the Midwest I looked for a house in Wheaton and had never seem so many churches in my life. It used to be dry and is now wet. Very nice health club. Chinese food in the MW is horrible and not great too many places.

      Had a meeting in our old building today: the doomed 2440 El Camino!

  2. Hey Mr. Jock, R/U going to be at “EDWARD” for there event. Also, I had a Thai massage in Bankok when I was on R&R from Vietnam..Do you think your massage was better then mine??

    • Yes, I will be there for the event. why not do it yourself?

      My guess is that your Thai massage would have been better than mind but as a good St. Mary’s boy you decided not to get the full treatment. Sure!

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