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All these beautiful sections

One of the great things about writing a blog is that you get to show appreciation. So, I say thank you for the Sunday New York Times in its traditional form. The Times is great on the web (and I’ll be posting on that shortly) and generous in sharing their bounty but the feel is different and for me, the traditional paper form is irreplaceable.

I doubt she remembers me

I am reminded of the time I stood next to the model and goddess Cheryl Tiegs at O’Hare. Yes, the pictures in the Swimsuit issues of Sports Illustrated were great but in person she was magnetic, riveting, frankly in her long mink coat, awe-inspiring!

On a recent Sunday (1-9-11) The Times came, on lawn, with the following full sections:

  • Main Section (with obits, my first section to check)
  • Arts & Leasure (beloved)
  • Book Review (mandatory)
  • Magazine (a real one)
  • Week in Review (includes cartoons, opinion, editorials)
  • Sports (not just New York)
  • Travel (great for the armchair traveler)
  • Education Life (not an every week section)
  • Business (actually interesting)
  • Mutual Funds Report (skip)

I remember well the phenomenal heft of the Times after a long-ago newspaper strike. The world was righted and the paper was eight inches high.

In the past I would read the Sunday Times all in a gulp — on Sunday. One day, in talking to my Uncle Anthony, I learned that he spread it out throughout the week. This struck me as odd and unappealing but like so many things that I say I’ll never do, I began this policy almost immediately. Now I take my time. For instance, I hold the Business section for Monday as I like to keep Sunday unsullied by the cares of commerce. The Magazine section I delay as well since there is always at least one article (plus the delightful interview) that I want to look forward to reading.

So I say thanks NY Times for your greatness and in thinking of your corporeality, waking up memories of Cheryl.


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  1. Great post. We are in the final days of proper newspapers. They’ll soon be gone and our children (or at least theirs) won’t care.

    • Is it retro to be sad?

      Do you have a kindle? I can’t say I won’t get one because that will jinx me but I have no plans.

      • I do have a Kindle. I love it and I don’t miss holding a book one bit. That said, the newspaper and, more specifically, the Sunday paper is different. I’ll miss them a great deal. I’m sure the NYT will always be around but I can see a time when it will sell for $20 a copy!

      • You Californians are so modern.

      • A kindle? Not in this lifetime. I’ve even taken precautions against being given one by growling at my family (not that they were listening of course). I’m shocked by Brian’s desertion from the ranks of us Luddites.

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