How Brave these Peace Corps Ladies are!

January 17, 2011 at 5:38 AM | Posted in Organizations | Leave a comment
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By chance I saw a segment on the news show 20/20 on a scandal in the Peace Corps. As I watched I was horrified, as I’m sure everyone else was who watched. The main story was about a Volunteer who was murdered. She had written a note to a Peace Corps executive alerting her that a fellow teacher, a native,  was raping very young female students. She asked that her note be confidential as she was afraid of repercussions. The official didn’t keep it confidential and the girl was soon murdered in her bed.

Now, in the time-honored manner of organizations, the Peace Corps is stonewalling the event. After two years they admit no guilt “as the investigation is ongoing.”

It turns out that 1000 female Peace Corps Volunteers have been raped and assaulted in the last decade. On the Peace Corps web-site they note that there have been some rapes but no more than would happen in the U.S.. Really?

The show interviewed a number of the young female Volunteers who had been raped and their stories are shocking and incredibly sad. They all had the sense that the Peace Corps did not care.

How brave these ladies are to go on TV and testify! In contrast, the head of the Corps, Aaron S. Williams, sent his underling with obvious instructions to admit nothing. But in the end, she broke under the weight of evidence!

President Obama, I call on you to immediately investigate the Peace Corps and if the allegations from 20/20 are true, close it down. We cannot put even one more girl in harm’s way.

Reports like these show the importance of a free and aggressive “press.” Organizations, whose main goal  is to protect its own existence, do not police themselves.

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