How we think of ourselves

March 29, 2010 at 10:10 AM | Posted in Fitness | 3 Comments

My view of myself changed when I began thinking of myself as an athlete. I was no longer just a golfer, runner, swimmer, biker or yogist – I was all of them. I was an athlete and I did the things that athletes do.

Athletes seek out coaching. An athlete strives to improve and there is no aspect of improvement that is too small to consider. Edges get sharpened, kinks smoothed out.  Coaches see what we don’t see. A coach is on our side but they delight in making us uncomfortable. They counter our illusion that we are moving quickly.

New coaches offer the possibility of new worlds of improvement and I have such a new coach, Cheryl Gudinas. She is a world-class racquet-ball player (often #1!)  and trains with some of the best fitness coaches in the sports world. I just lucked into meeting her. I had won, by pure chance, a gift certificate for four free sessions at my last Indoor Triathlon.

In our first meeting we worked on the things athletes work on: movement, agility, quickness, form. I have been exercising for thirty-five years and we did at least 12 movements that were new to me. We didn’t lolly-gag!

As an athlete, I am alive with possibility.


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  1. Maybe one day you’ll be the coach…Al’s successor!

  2. Tom, I discovered your blog today, and was instatntly addicted. I plan to read each day with my morning cappucino. My moment of zen!


    • Peter,

      Thank you so much for reading and writing — I am a blushing young author! It would be great if you re-tweeted it to your hoardes of followers.

      How goes the war?


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