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March 26, 2010 at 10:51 AM | Posted in 60: New Rules of the Road | 4 Comments
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I remember being struck by the title, Wherever You Go, There You Are , as I scanned a shelf at Borders in 1994. I bought the book and it had an immediate impact on me. I sent away for Jon Kabat-Zinn’s meditation tapes and got going. That was a time of particular stress for me as the company I was with for thirteen years, ASK, was folding into the grasp of the despised Computer Associates.

Eventually another book became food for meditation and then the meditation faded as it didn’t cure my impatient lizard brain fast enought. The concept of “mindfulness,” though, has stuck with me even if, mainly, in the breach.

Recently I read a few pages of ‘Wherever’ and the power of the book remains undiminished for me. Whatever you happen to be doing, he says, say to yourself “This is it.” I say that now as I type and have the last drops of a very good coffee by my side. This exact moment needs nothing else.

My third 60: New Rules of the Road is to drive with my Blackberry turned off. New York and other states have banned phone use for years and I have finally bought in. Becoming sixty was my moment of awakening: I had gotten away so far without killing anyone or hitting the back of a truck. I have been incredibly lucky as I have made numerous mistakes while talking or texting – numerous!

It seems ridiculous that I ever did these things, like all bad habits seem in retrospect. In my case, I was not so desperate to be velcroed to business that I couldn’t stand an hour away from it. I talked and texted because I wanted to get as much mandatory work done while I was ‘tied-up’ driving so that I could be free from it once I got out of the car.

I’ve been at this not-talking, not-texting, not-even looking at my BB at a traffic light for four weeks and I am lighter for it. Instead of having less time, I have more. I have given myself the opportunity to say “this one thing, this driving, is enough.”


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  1. i am currently in my third week of MBSR training and am finding it easier to relinquish the teather known as blackberry. likewise i have decided to quit being stupid while driving.

  2. I attempted to give up my blackberry while at stoplights for Lent…I failed after 2 days. Kudos to you and your rule.

  3. About time too! Phoning while driving is like smoking. Everyone (except idiots) knows that it is a stupid and dangerous thing to do but it’s hard to give up. The only way is to have the phone off. That’s off.

    Here in the UK it’s illegal and increasingly harshly punished, but still a widespread practice. Truck and van drivers think they’re exempt. No doubt it will take even longer in the Land of the Free until they prise the blackberries from your cold dead hands.

    • So true. There is such an allure to get biz OVER WITH that the tendency is to multi-task. But now I do keep my BB safetly off and feel much less pressure over-all.

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