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March 24, 2010 at 4:32 PM | Posted in 60: New Rules of the Road | 7 Comments
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I dive off the blocks into my third blog and this time my hips are high and I am in streamline. Blog I must: I want to make a contribution, a gift to my readers. I’ve been held back by the Lizard (as identified in Seth Godin’s Lynchpin).

Godin makes a striking point when he says that what makes art art is that there is no map. Agreed: we don’t want to be told what to do and when we wake up we realize that we don’t want to tell other people what to do either. In this blog I want to express but I don’t want to insist – because I am not sure of anything for other people. I’ve changed my mind about so many things.

On February 28, 2010 I became sixty. I had been looking forward to this birthday and did a countdown for a year. I wanted to feel the year, feel the daily drumbeat of opportunity or dread. I truly longed to be sixty. My father died at fifty-three and this sixth decade was a landmark. It has turned out to be more than I had hoped: it has turned out to be a release.

I have begun a new initiative: 60: New Rules of the Road. The first new “rule”:

#1: I will not venture forth in the day with a feeling of negativity or enmity toward anyone or any situation.

By this rule I intend to work through negative feelings prior to talking to anyone. My method is to use Anthony de Mello’s Four Steps to Wisdom from his book Awareness:

  1. Identify the negative feelings in myself.
  2. Understand that the negative feelings are in me, not in the world, not in external reality.
  3. Do not see these negative feelings as an essential part of me.
  4. Understand that when I change, everything changes.

I have used this method for a while and have found it effective. De Mello advises its use thousands of times and he is right: the Lizard is always lurking.


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  1. Awesome. Thanks for this. A return of the “Big Dog” tapes that have reached a mythical stature in my mind (not the WHOLE tape but your end-statement). Now, about life and living rather than sales and selling but it is now that we understand which of those two drives the other. The answer is different now than it might have been back in those “Big Dog” days, eh? I look forward to reading more.

    • Brian,

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting on my new Blog. I am excited to do and plan to do 1000 before I re-think.
      How goes your world?

  2. Looking forward to reading.

    • Thanks for reading.

      I look forward to reading yours!!

  3. Your philosophies should not hide in those little black books in the library…let them loose. We have so much to learn.

    • Thanks for all your comments … they are important to me!

  4. It’s taken me a few days to stumble across your blogs which I have read, and will continue to read, with pleasure and enlightenment. As Brian says, echoes of the legendary Big Dog tapes. Our best to everyone and keep it up!

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