Just Out: “Play Date” A Calvin Recker Mystery Story by Brendan Mackey

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41gawfR4jTL._AA160_If you are curious to learn what stay-at-home Dads do, while you stay-at-work; if your curiosity extends to what stay-at-home Moms do with other Dads, then Brendan Mackey’s new story, Play Date, is for you.

Perhaps you’ve been tracking the adventures of Calvin Recker and his sidekick  Grover and Calvin’s far sharper half, Juliet, in Home Wrecker and Monitor? Perhaps you’ve heard that a novel is in the works? Perhaps then, Play Date is for you.

The thing about Calvin, what makes him so interesting and endearing, is that he is both laid-back and anxious, pro-active and hesitant, quiet and sarcastic. Fortunately, he married well.

Play Date also features the wonderful  artist Joelle Wolinski, Brendan Mackey’s go-to, direct-dial for all cover art.

All this and available for swift download on Amazon (for just 99 cents!)- even Calvin could figure out your next step!

When the Detective Calvin Recker Visits You

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Being the parent of an author is an interesting business. If your child is ‘confessional’ in any way, into expiation, titles a book “Mommy Dearest” for instance, you may be in for it. But then there are those delightful mystery/comedy writers who work with a light touch. One can read without trepidation. Still ….

As I was reading Brendan Mackey’s new story, just out on Amazon, Home Wrecker, I noticed that certain details from my quirky “library”  were included and noted. This gives me some fame, some legs in the literary game, some pause.

I’ve heard no talk of family discounts or “use” charges for the items in my library. Family is one thing but cash is another.

This second Calvin Recker mystery is a lot of fun. Get it for .99 before he re-thinks the price!

Monitor – A Calvin Recker Mystery

February 6, 2012 at 2:19 PM | Posted in Books | 3 Comments
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Brendan Mackey has just published Monitor – A Calvin Recker Mystery on Amazon. It is an Kindle e-book and Brendan’s first foray in electronic publishing.

Monitor is a good-sized short story and it really zips! What stuck me as I read and then more so as I thought about it, are the characters. We want to know more about Calvin, the husband newly unemployed and taking on stay-at-home duties, and his first case. He is the kind of guy you want to have a beer with. His wife, Juliet, is quiet but delivers a knock-out when called on. And then there are the neighbors, ah yes, the neighbors!

There is a second-banana, Grover, a Watson to Calvin’s Holmes, that you will meet as well. And meet them all again, I think you will, as Monitor is the first of a series and I expect — and await — sequels and prequels.

When news of this book arrived, I was un-Kindled. But, as it turns out, you can bring the world of Kindle to your i-Phone, i-Pad, Androids et al: just click on this link:


Fun awaits!


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