Freeing My Inner Piano

February 15, 2011 at 4:52 AM | Posted in Music, Personal Development | 4 Comments
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It's been waiting patiently

If I didn’t have a piano I would long for one.

I’ve had one for 25 years, a beauty, and my longing takes a different form. I want to play but until the other day I had set ground rules, fraudulent ones, that have kept me off the keys. I believe in doing things every day. I read everyday, listen to music everyday, play sports or work out everyday, have a great cup of coffee everyday. When I think of retirement I am sometimes puzzled as to what I could add to my schedule, doing so much already – besides doing more of each. I do think of playing the piano because I could do it everyday or close to it.

Three months ago, following my way, I began studying German everyday, through the offices of Rosetta Stone. I’ve enjoyed the daily-ness of one lesson a day, generally ten minutes or so. I’m in no rush. I thought of this while looking at my piano just the other day. Then I thought, suppose I come up with a new rule: that I will play piano everyday that I am home. This new rule has “everydayness” going for it.

One day I'll sing it for you

I’m trying something: instead of lessons or the extreme difficulty of playing the simplest Bach, I am going to learn to play and sing old songs, preferably sentimental ones. For my first I’ve chosen Love’s Old Sweet Song as it has a nice double entendre and appears in Joyce’s Ulysses. I will see if I prefer longing to play or actually playing.

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  1. Holy smoke! Ever thought of just sitting around watching TV? Oh wait, I bet you do that too!

    • Not much … too tired at night! Remember, I barely watch sports anymore and that freed up hours. Also, not by choice, I get up very early.

      • T, You don’t seem to have much time for people.!

      • I’m in sales, I’m infused with people all day. I talk with people constantly — hence my interest in sports that keep my head in the water!

        I think that there is far too much talking in golf!! Remember, I was the guy at the end of that driving range hitting one fatally bad shot after another — delirious with pleasure!

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